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Science at the heart of your gut
A technological revolution
An interpretation based on science

Your results are compared and interpreted using our Laboratory's database of over 6,000 scientific and clinical studies as a basis for interpretation. 


For years, our researchers have investigated and verified all international microbiota studies and have integrated only valid results into our database.


More than 20,000 data sets are used to customise your results. As the general reference values are the same for all people, each data set is compared in our database to a corresponding healthy subgroup. This generates a personal gut flora profile for each individual, just like your fingerprints. 

GniomCheck in figures
6 000
études scientifiques
sur plusieurs années de recherche forment la base
des interprétations de notre laboratoire en constante expansion.

6 000

20 000

20 000
ensembles de données anonymes permettent à notre laboratoire de comparer les personnes individuellement avec des sous-groupes sains.

Max 15%

Max. 15%
des bactéries intestinales sont cultivées par d'autres laboratoires en utilisant des méthodes analytiques classiques.

Nearly 100%

Près de 100%
des bactéries intestinales peuvent être détectées avec GniomCheck. En tant qu'entreprise technologique de premier plan, nous utilisons un séquençage à haut débit de pointe.

How does our laboratory analyse my intestinal flora ?


Des échantillons de pipetage

High-throughput sequencing

Upon arrival in our laboratory, the sample undergoes quality control and the microbial DNA is extracted using proprietary laboratory procedures before being analysed using the most modern high-throughput sequencing (HTS) methods.

Scientifique utilisant un microscope

Analysis pipeline

DNA sequence quality is verified in our proprietary software pipeline , then the sequences are compared to all known microbial genomes to determine your microbiota profile.

Scientifique sur tablette

Microbiota profile

Your profile is then studied by comparison with an exclusive knowledge base  in order to determine the most diverse physiological properties, particularly concerning digestion, the tendency to gain weight,_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_food intolerances, vitamin synthesis, etc.

La science au coeur de votre intestin

Vous souhaitez en connaitre davantage sur notre analyse 


Live the GniomCheck experience
Live the GniomCheck experience

Order today and receive your kit at home within 48 hours.

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