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The world of microbiota


of food treated by your bacteria

2 times and more

of bacteria in the body that from within our cells...


Up to 2kg

of bacteria living in your intestine

50 000l

of beverages treated by bacteria

Intestinal flora, one of the keys to your well-being
The intestinal flora (intestinal microbiota) is composed of billions of microorganisms. The natural symbiosis that exists between humans and bacteria is essential for a healthy life.
The importance of our intestinal bacteria has long been underestimated. Only in recent years, thanks to numerous scientific studies, has the importance of bacteria for our health been established.
In fact, they do more than just control our digestion. Over the course of several million years, the evolution of humanity has led to phenomenal benefits of adaptation, which promote digestion, the fight against pathogens and the strengthening of the immune system.

What kind of bacteria are present in our intestinal flora?

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Not all bacteria in our intestines have beneficial effects. A balanced and healthy intestinal flora consists mainly of useful bacteria, which have a positive impact on the body, but also of more or less undesirable bacteria, which on the contrary have a negative impact. 
Useful intestinal bacteria are used to synthesize enzymes and vitamins or to neutralize harmful substances that we absorb with food. A healthy and balanced intestinal flora therefore effectively protects against intrusion and multiplication of possible pathogens.
For this reason, the intestine, which regulates up to 80% of all immune responses in your body, is considered the number 1 immune organ.

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Live the GniomCheck experience

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