Weight loss

through healthy intestinal flora

If there is one absolute truth, it is that we are what we eat. This is not only because of the calories we bring to our bodies, but also because of the composition of our intestinal flora, which is greatly influenced by the way we assimilate food.
Indeed, the bacteria that colonize our intestines are responsible for the way we digest food. They determine which vitamins we synthesize, how we tolerate, for example, cabbage or other kind of food and digest lipids (fats), and even how efficiently we assimilate carbohydrates. So they regulate the number of calories we take in from our food.
For example, it is quite possible that some people do not lose weight even though they practice a lot of sport and they have reduced their calorie intake.
Why our intestinal bacteria could affect our weight?
What are bacteroidetes and how they multiply?
How can I modify my intestinal flora to lose weight?
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Live the GniomCheck experience

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