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What if the secret to your well-being lies in your gut?

The revolution of microbiota

Our intestine is a key factor for our health, our morale and also our weight!

The bacteria that coat it and form the microbiota are not only involved in digestion but also in the proper functioning of the immune system, neurotransmitter production, appetite regulation and many other mechanisms.

​ Today's lifestyle, however, is often unbalanced by overly elaborate and undiversified diets, stress, antibiotics, pollution, and so on.

​ Result: 80% of pathologies have a digestive origin.


How does the GniomCheck test work ?


Sample collection





  • Weight loss

Some foods can cause inflammation and permeability of the intestinal mucosa.

The pathogenic bacteria will take over our good bacteria. This chronic inflammation will lead to insulin resistance, which causes overweight and metabolic syndrome.

Why use GniomCheck test ?

A complete and personalized report
Access your profile and benefit from personalised advice
Get now information and recommendation on:
Your diversity of intestinal bacteria
 Your intestinal permeability
The presence of dysbiosis
Your propensity to develop food intolerances
Your immune system
Your tendency to gain weight
Vitamin synthesis
Your type of microbiota
The emotional balance and rest
An indicator of inflammation and constipation
The emotional balance and rest
Science in the heart of the intestine
High-speed sequencing technology
Thanks to DNA analysis with high productivity sequencing technology, for the first time it is possible to measure and quantify all bacteria.
Our laboratory has a database of over 6,000 scientific studies conducted worldwide on intestinal flora, which is constantly growing.
The interpretation of your profile is therefore based on this scientifically based knowledge and algorithms.
Our mission, to preserve your health
The more you know your state of health, the better for you
Thanks to our GniomCheck test, a new vision of health is emerging. We are making the choice to give people the chance to better understand and control their health.
Live the GniomCheck experience
Live the GniomCheck experience

Order today and receive your kit at home within 48 hours.

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